Tips on How to Save Money around the House

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When you think of home; you most certainly look at it as being a safe haven where you are protected from the outside world. Sometimes the very protection you need is inside with you in the form of terrible financial habits. By looking at every area of your home and thinking of ways to save money in those areas, you and your family can find yourselves far ahead of your neighbors.

Let’s take a walk through the house and figure out ways to save money.

1. The Laundry Area- How often are you washing clothes weekly? For some families 2 to 4 times a week is the norm. To save money, try instead washing large loads of clothes once a week. Not only will this cut your water and electric bill, but it will also cut your laundry detergent expenses in half. To make this easier for you, clothes like blue jeans should be worn more than once as well as light jackets before being washed again. Delicate fabrics can simply be washed in the sink. By making these simple modifications to your weekly laundry chores, you are saving yourself time and money.

2. Kitchen-The average family can go through three rolls of paper towels per week. Instead of doing this; use a drying cloth or dish towel. The drying cloth can be used all week before it needs to be cleaned which will saving you tons of money on paper towels. When it comes to leaving leftovers in the refrigerator, date your containers. This lets you know how long you can leave the food uneaten before it has to be thrown away. By seeing this date each time you go in the fridge, you can make smarter choices to eat the food before it spoils. Over the long run, not wasting food will save you hundreds of dollars per year.

3. Appliances-There are appliances throughout the house that must be maintained properly in order to keep them in good working condition for years to come. On your heating and cooling units, change the filters as recommended by the manufacturer. Change out the water filter in your refrigerator as indicated. Keep your oven cleaned out at least quarterly and open and close the microwave door carefully, so as not to break it. With the dishwasher, be careful not to overfill it. Also, register your appliances so that the warranty is valid. This can help with replacements or refunds if necessary. In addition, if you are low on cash and have appliances that have died on you, there are government schemes to help you purchase new white goods with low to no interest Centrelink loans.

4. Bedroom-Your mattress can wear out quickly. To keep the mattress firm for as long as possible, flip it over every 6 months. This extends the life of it and keeps it from becoming lumpy. Your bed linens can last you for a long time if you properly care for them. You should own at least three sets of linen. Change them out every week and a half. When washing your linens use non-chlorine bleach and was on the gentle cycle. This will ensure your linens go the distance. You can also save additional money on your electric bill by adding energy saving light bulbs to the lamps or other lighting in the room. These extra steps go a long way in preserving what you have and keeping more of your hard earned money in your pocket.

5. The Rest of the House-Learn to make simple repairs around the house. There are hundreds if not thousands of websites that will walk you step by step through making repairs. For something as simple as changing a light bulb to something as complex as putting in new flooring; these do it yourself repairs can save you thousands of dollars. By learning how to do simple projects on your own, you can fix up your home the way you want it to be. Learning useful information can not only save you money but be used as a way to make additional income by helping others make the same repairs in their home. Be cautious and don’t be too proud to seek help from a professional like Roofs by Rodger with major projects such as roofing repairs or replacement.

By looking around the house, you can see areas that can help you to save money. By educating yourself on the best way to take care of your belonging and how to maintain your household appliances, you can make your financial picture stronger and your life easier.

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