Winter Time Savings

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Now is a great time to start and think about getting the house ready for the winter season. Take advantage of the last couple weeks of sunshine and warmer temperatures to prepare for the winter months.

The tips provide here are nothing new but are a good reminder or checklist of practical actions that can help save money throughout the colder months.

- Start by getting rid of any summer related items that you no longer want or will want to upgrade next season. Sell them for cash or donate them to charity and take a receipt for tax purposes.

- Choose the correct size appliances for warming up different rooms in the home. Close doors to rooms that don’t need heat and try and seal off all areas where heat can escape…like under doors.

- Check all seals in the house to make sure they are secure and not leaking; this can be done with a candle next to the seal, if it flickers then that means there is a draft getting through.

- Make use of blankets instead of heaters when possible

- Purchase a nice pair of slippers to keep you feet warm. In addition to warm relaxing clothes for the in doors. This can help reduce the reliance on heaters.

- Review your utilities provider to make sure your on the best deal for electricity.

- If drying clothes in the home, keep the door open and let that heat warm up the home.

The above are a few good example on how to prepare for the winter months, please feel free to share additional tips in our comments section.

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